Embarrassing A Nation

This World Cup has been exciting, and that could be an understatement. We have been treated to a lot of goals, great saves, a ton of upsets and surprises. 

Now, I can go on and on about this tournament, but my focus is on the Italian national team. The very team who could not win against Costa Rica. The very team who was shut out in the final two games, which eliminated them from the group stages. Yes THE GROUP STAGES. That makes it 2 World Cups in a row after winning in 2006. Embarrassing! 

Mario Balotelli apparently is the only reason Italy lost. Actually if you believe any of these idiots/racists you would think he cost Italy in 2010, even though he wasn’t on the squad. Come to think of it, he cost us the World Cup in 1994! I hope you all catch my sarcasm there… All I am going to say about him is this; Yes he is emotional. Yes he gets angry. Yes he is curious. What 23 year old isn’t? Leave the guy alone already. Read the article below to catch more on Super Mario. (Not my article, nor do I have any attachment or investment. I just like to share other well written pieces.)



Now for the real problem, which many Italians will deny. Racism and hypocrisy. First and foremost, Italy and Italians without a doubt are some of the most racist, ignorant, stuck up people on this planet. They just don’t get it, until I slap them around. I do not care what color your skin is, I care about what colors you bleed. At the end of the day the goal is the same, to win the World Cup. Well at least that is what I thought. Listen to the words echoed by some of the old guard, who in my opinion have done absolutely nothing since 2006. 

After scoring the winning goal and playing a great game, Danielle De Rossi only has negative things to say about Balotelli. Really? You won the opening game of the group stages and instead of praise and positive reflection, he criticizes his fellow countryman. Good job you moron. Way to keep the team spirit alive. Because that is what “real men” do, right? Don’t blame the old guard says another who goes by the name of Gigi Buffon. Naw, why would you take any blame for losing in the group stages once again? Real men blame the young ones. It’s all your fault I am old and crusty. That’s just pathetic.

Word is the “old guard” didn’t like nor did they want Mario Balotelli or Antonio Cassano on the team, and it showed. This team didn’t play together nor did it come together when they needed it most. Instead they found excuses, placed blame like little kids and pointed fingers like cowards. I really do not care what you did back in 2006, because if we go on this route, hey Balotelli carried this team at Euro 2012. Really, these “Old Guards” are losers. What have they really won? Discount Andrea Pirlo when he played for that AC Milan side who simply dominated. He’s been losing ever since he left Milan. Buffon may be the greatest keeper of this decade, but lets be real here. 1 World Cup in 2006 and nothing since. Don’t be fooled by the tainted Italian league championships, when I say tainted I am being nice. De Rossi, who is a jerk, was suspended for 4 games during the 2006 World Cup because he elbowed an opponent. Yet he’s a “real man”? I wonder how old De Rossi was when he made a selfish play and almost cost the squad the game??? HYPOCRITE comes to mind. 

Don’t get me wrong, they made us proud back in 2006 but what have they done since? The old guard decided to bitch and complain, play like crap and show how truly selfish they are, because if they did not do these things, would I be writing about the embarrassing exit during the group stages of the World Cup? You really want to blame 1 or 2 guys who have rarely featured on the national team for all these embarrassing moments? Grow up already. Every team has to face adversity and obstacles such as horrendous officiating. When you lose, have some dignity about you. Before anyone starts to disagree with me, remember this is the country and the fans who ran Roberto Baggio out of town because he is Buddhist. This man carried every team he played for on his back, yet he was treated like an animal. Paolo Maldini, the greatest defender of all time, stepped down from the national team just to be scolded for doing so. Well, Maldini, unlike Pirlo, knew when his time was up. That is what a real man does. 

So here is to hoping the people who matter realize what is wrong because if nothing is done, this embarrassing event will continue to happen. 


World Cup 2014 Groups and Predictions

The 2014 World Cup is upon us. Football, soccer to us North American folk, is about to enter its most prestigious tournament and the host nation is Brazil. The leader with 5 World Cups! Here are my group winners predictions.


Brazil – Croatia – Mexico – Cameroon

Winner – Brazil

Runner up – Mexico


Spain – Netherlands – Chile – Australia

Winner – Spain 

Runner up – Netherlands


Columbia – Greece – Cote D’Ivoire – Japan

Winner – Columbia

Runner up – Cote D’Ivoire


Uruguay – Costa Rica – England – Italy

Winner – Italy

Runner up – Uruguay


Switzerland – Ecuador – France – Honduras

Winner – Switzerland

Runner Up – France


Argentina – Bosnia – Iran – Nigeria

Winner – Argentina

Runner up – Nigeria


Germany – Portugal – Ghana – USA

Winner – Germany

Runner up – Ghana


Belgium – Algeria – Russia – Korea Rep

Winner – Belgium

Runner up – Russia

Under Construction

Hey everybody,  I have decided to take a bit of time to work on a new look and perhaps some new topics. As time goes by, you start to learn a few things and realize what your potential really is. Hopefully I get some ideas out there. Meanwhile, take a look at some of my old posts as they may not make the cut after this. See you all when this is done. A hui hou.

April 2014, Owning It

Well hello Spring? As much as I appreciate snow, I think it is overkill this year. However, we are experiencing some good weather. Not great, but it will get there. First week of April… 

I think this was the second week. Could have been the third week. 🙂
And the final week…

Hockey Is Just A Game

Listen up “hockey” fans. This sport has turned into a gongshow. Especially at the professional level. The National Hockey League has let me down time and time again. Why do I continue to watch just to bitch and complain? Hope, I still have some. 

If you do not know who David Branch is, learn about him. He currently is the President of the Canadian Hockey League. Which means he is basically running the show for all 3 major junior hockey leagues in Canada. Let me tell you something, he may make a mistake here or there like any other human, but the man does not tolerate neanderthal tactics. Something the NHL seems to thrive on. 

There are only 30 teams in the NHL which seems like a lot, but really it ins’t. How does one man run 3 leagues and still maintain an incredible level of consistency? Yet the NHL has different rules for different teams and never punishes accordingly. You have repeat offenders who continue to ruin the game and most important ruin or potentially end someone’s career. Apparently that isn’t important to these “professionals”. Until it is all over, right?

So what is my point in all of this moaning? Things need to change and fast. You talk to anyone who doesn’t watch hockey and the general consensus is “hockey is dirty”. Who cares what these people think, right? WRONG! There was a point in my life I would be offended and scoff at these “pinkos” what do you know? Apparently they know that hockey is just a game and that’s all it is. I feel sorry for people who think hockey is life. One day you will wake up, I hope. I used to be one of these Don Cherry cult members. Lived and breathed by what he said. Then my hockey days ended and I saw the light. Wasted my time trying to be this rough and tough, drop the gloves at will hack. I should have developed my skill and actually try to play the game. Even focus on what to do with my life. Hey, I am human and mistakes happen. Is it a mistake if it happens over and over again? I think not…

Hockey is a beautiful sport, when it is actually being played. The Pavel Datsyuks, Sidney Crosbys and the PK Subbans are what is good about this sport. Sure people hate on them and that is because they play the game with skill like very few can. Believe me, all 3 are as tough as it comes. Time for the NHL to realize what message it is sending to kids and parents, to the die-hards and to casual fans. Hockey is just a game and that’s all it is.  

Still Alive Folks!

Have no worries my friends, I am alive and well. I battled the flu for almost TWO weeks. And I want to say that I feel if I were a much healthier person, this would not be the case. Slowly picking up my DDP Yoga and I suggest to anyone looking to get lean and mean, look into this. You literally make it as hard or as easy as your body needs. And trust me on this, listen to your body! No professional will tell you what your body needs. Only you can know that! Get proper rest, eat real food and exercise! I am working on a few blogs so hang on peeps. Until next time… 

Owning My Life March 2014

First week and Spring is in the air…

Second week… On a roll!

Third week. Did I mention Lent is upon us?

Then… I didn’t fall off the wagon, but things just weren’t going my way. I am doing well with my Lent promise though.
When you neglect the body for as long as I have, it comes back to haunt you. I truly believe our bodies are the most sophisticated objects on this planet. Like a computer or a vehicle, it needs some fine tuning to keep things running smoothly. However, our bodies will last so much longer if we take care of it. It is not enough to just play sports or “watch” what you eat, I believe you have to exercise and have a diet full of real food. The importance of sleep is undervalued as well. So, April begins and I push forward. 30 day green smoothie challenge starts as well and I am excited! Until next month folks 🙂