Something Personal

Everyday I think, about anything and everything. What to do, what to wear, what to eat, etc… I also think about life and what our purpose is on this planet, because we all have a purpose. 

There is a lot of sad things about this planet, especially these retarded wars and all these innocent people being killed. I wish I could help to end this horrible act of greed. There are bad people on this planet who deserve the worst. I just do not get why people want to hurt others. Unfortunately, that is not the only way people hurt others. 

Some people think it is selfish or a cowards way out. Everyone has an opinion but to be honest, if the opinion is not going to be helpful, shove it up your… You know where I mean. We all have bad days or weeks or even a bad year. It could be because of a choice you made or some bad advice. Hey, it happens to all of us. Yet for many people, it isn’t as simple as that. 

You are not weak and you are not alone. Trust me on this, it isn’t that easy. Everyday a battle ensues and you do not know why. You want to put on a smile and say everything is fine, but you know it really isn’t. It is dark and the walls are closing in on you but you see a path, only to find out the path is deep and unsettling. 

Be brave. Open those doors, talk to someone. Or listen to someone. It will not be easy and it may not be fun and that’s OK. You will not be alone. Close your eyes… Breathe in slowly. Exhale. Empty your mind… One happy thought. Yep, just one. 

But take that deep breath and make that first step. 


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