Am I Owning It?

Hey guys and gals! I posted a video Wednesday after a DDP Yoga session, Energy, and I have to say it was good. I will admit my consistency or lack thereof, is atrocious. My drive is nonexistent and my diet is not getting better. I do not think I have given up, but I also have not kept pushing forward. Or have I???

Tuesday I actually went for a some cardio at the local park, but it was raining. So I did not get my full workout in, however, I did move. That’s the important part. Wednesday was the second day in a row I did some sort of exercise. I had a good DDP Yoga session and hope this trend continues.

So Thursday rolls around and my knee is giving me problems. I decide to relax it, even though in my head I am thinking I should push through this. Well let me tell you I made the right decision. The next day, Friday, my knee feels sore but somehow better. Guess what I did that day? Cardio at the local park, not that I was out there very long. I was pleased to get in some more exercise though.

I am taking interest in local produce, so I decided to hit the local farmers market. To be honest, I will not mention where my local farmers market is, I was very disappointed. What a letdown! Only 10 vendors, give or take, and half had nothing to do with produce!

There are days where I just want to give up or I am feeling completely bummed. You know what? The sun will shine tomorrow and we will rise with it. So keep pushing forward and own your life!


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