Hockey Is Just A Game

Listen up “hockey” fans. This sport has turned into a gongshow. Especially at the professional level. The National Hockey League has let me down time and time again. Why do I continue to watch just to bitch and complain? Hope, I still have some. 

If you do not know who David Branch is, learn about him. He currently is the President of the Canadian Hockey League. Which means he is basically running the show for all 3 major junior hockey leagues in Canada. Let me tell you something, he may make a mistake here or there like any other human, but the man does not tolerate neanderthal tactics. Something the NHL seems to thrive on. 

There are only 30 teams in the NHL which seems like a lot, but really it ins’t. How does one man run 3 leagues and still maintain an incredible level of consistency? Yet the NHL has different rules for different teams and never punishes accordingly. You have repeat offenders who continue to ruin the game and most important ruin or potentially end someone’s career. Apparently that isn’t important to these “professionals”. Until it is all over, right?

So what is my point in all of this moaning? Things need to change and fast. You talk to anyone who doesn’t watch hockey and the general consensus is “hockey is dirty”. Who cares what these people think, right? WRONG! There was a point in my life I would be offended and scoff at these “pinkos” what do you know? Apparently they know that hockey is just a game and that’s all it is. I feel sorry for people who think hockey is life. One day you will wake up, I hope. I used to be one of these Don Cherry cult members. Lived and breathed by what he said. Then my hockey days ended and I saw the light. Wasted my time trying to be this rough and tough, drop the gloves at will hack. I should have developed my skill and actually try to play the game. Even focus on what to do with my life. Hey, I am human and mistakes happen. Is it a mistake if it happens over and over again? I think not…

Hockey is a beautiful sport, when it is actually being played. The Pavel Datsyuks, Sidney Crosbys and the PK Subbans are what is good about this sport. Sure people hate on them and that is because they play the game with skill like very few can. Believe me, all 3 are as tough as it comes. Time for the NHL to realize what message it is sending to kids and parents, to the die-hards and to casual fans. Hockey is just a game and that’s all it is.  


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