Hockey Players Are Tough… Or Are They Stupid?

Look, this is going to ruffle quite a few feathers, and that is OK with me. I call it like I see it. And what I see is stupidity. 


Stupid: Lacking intelligence or common sense. 

Before you decide that I am a jerk for saying this, why don’t you read these two links I will post from the National Post.

Once again an athlete who probably shouldn’t be playing collapses on the bench. Why was anyone surprised? I guess this could happen to anyone, but has it? As far as I know only those with some sort of heart condition have collapsed. Apparently this makes you “tough”. I don’t see how playing with your life is “tough”. Quite frankly it is sheer stupidity. Perhaps the people labeling these players as “tough” should be branded as stupid too. I can almost guarantee the family members do not call this being “tough”. Every incident is one step closer to these “tough” players not getting back up. Don’t think for one second because this is the NHL that something like this will never happen. I for one have watched a lot of hockey in my life and to tell you the truth, my interest level is at an all time low.

The new definition of stupid should be NHL players. Yep, I said it and I mean it. They aren’t warriors nor are they tough. Tough is knowing when to walk away, while you still can. We all have dreams and goals that we may never get to realize or accomplish, so I am not sorry nor do I feel sympathy because “hockey is my life”. Congrats, you have millions of dollars and you’re bummed you can’t play? Wish I was bummed out like that too.  



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