P.K. Subban & Team Canada

So here we are, 2014 Winter Olympics… Time for me to lash out on the Men’s Olympic hockey team. 

In Vancouver 2010 I made such a big deal about the players they chose, but it didn’t matter as they won it all taking home the gold. However, I was correct about the players who would make an impact and the players who were utterly useless. Now I want to talk specifically about 1 player, P.K.Subban. This is the reigning Norris Trophy winner, and it was no fluke. 


That’s right. This guy has next to no support from his coach, his defense corps and pretty much hated by half the league/fans. On the other hand, he is loved by the rest. No middle ground for this guy. He thrives even though his coach wants to “fix” him? What the heck does that even mean??? Natural born leader who is exciting to watch and gets up for every game, and you want to change him? It does seem like it is taking its toll on Subban though. It has not been his best season in his early career, yet he still is doing good. When he plays bad, he still looks good. I guess when your most dependable defense partner is the 38 year old Francis Bouillon, that says it all. Anyone questioning me on this has not watched the Habs play as much as I have and as honest as any fan can get. 


What happens on the ice stays on the ice. At least for P.K. it does. Not that I have proof, but as far as I know he doesn’t talk disrespectful to the opposition. He sure does flap his gums and he backs it up. That’s what pisses people off. He celebrates a goal, which is “absolutely ridiculous” and somehow he is being a disrespectful prick? He gives his goalie some low fives and that’s not allowed apparently. He’s being real selfish there, let me tell you. Subban happens to be walking alone to the team dressing room listening to music with his headphones on, and somehow he is “hated” by everyone on his team. He never says a bad thing about anyone and all anyone else can do is continue to rip him apart in the media. 


If you ask me, and I am always as honest and unbiased as I can be, Drew Doughty is the NHL’s best defenseman. He also has a pretty good team to play with, but man he can play both ends very well. Now Shea Webber has a good, solid team around him. And has had some really good defense partners. St.Louis Blues may have the best defensive corps in the league. What do the Habs really have? Hey, no disrespect to Andrei Markov who was good before who knows how many knee operations and can’t play defense very well, but really P.K.Subban is all they have. Shut him down, they don’t score on the powerplay. So why is he slated to be the 7th or 8th defenseman on the men’s Olympic hockey team? He is not even being used on the powerplay during practice! 


Without a doubt this guy should be in the top 3. He can skate, move the puck really well, he hits and he can score. He brings it game in and game out and yet he seems to be the odd man out? With all that goes against Subban he still manages to be very productive. But what do I know? Canada did win the gold last time, mostly because of the guy I said would be the best forward. Oh and he was the 13th forward heading in to the games. 

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