Habs Need To Be Bold

The Montreal Canadiens were once THE powerhouse in all of sports. Now they are just a sold out crowd who seem to be following the Maple Leafs route. Make the money and never win. I for one can not take much more of this…


The year was 1995, in the cold month of December. It was on the sixth day that the worst trade the Montreal Canadiens have ever made went down. All Habs fans know what I am talking about. Patrick Roy, the greatest goalie of all time was shipped away to the Colorado Avalanche. I do not need to mention any other players involved because they do not matter. All that matters is Roy went on to win 2 more Stanley Cups and the Canadiens have struggled ever since. 


Now let us fast forward to the 2013/2014 season. With two world class players in the line up, Carey Price and P.K. Subban, the Habs may have something to build upon. With all due respect to anyone else on the roster, it is time to make bold changes and that begins with revolving your team around its stars. 


What changes am I talking about? First of all, people say size this and size that. What good does size do you when you can’t skate, shoot or pass? Sorry Parros, you grow a hell of a mustache but do not bring much else. I had hoped for years they made these changes I am going to discuss while we had Saku Koivu as our captain, and no offense to Brian Gionta, but Koivu had that desire a leader should possess. Ryan Smyth, Jerome Iginla and Brenden Morrow should have been brought in to change this culture. Skill with an edge, go through the wall type of players. Now that time has passed and these players are pretty much at the end of their careers, I will share with you who Montreal should bring in.


Secondly, a player like P.K. Subban is a leader. He brings it every time he steps on that ice. Good or bad, this is the guy that our fans love and everyone else hates. Sign this star and make him captain. You want to win, you bring in guys who hate to lose. You call up Jarred Tinordi and Nathan Beaulieu and play them. Are they good enough? Only time will tell, not this call them up and send them down rotation crap. Habs have quite a few skilled forwards, but not enough go through the wall, drive the other team up the wall types. Want to win, you change the culture. Go out and get a guy like Steve Ott, who will piss off every single player from the opposing team but win the important faceoff, kill penalties and not back down from anyone. Get this Yakupov kid away from this dead end in Edmonton and unite him with Galchenyuk. The Canadiens have only one power forward, and that is not enough. Evander Kane is what the Habs need.


My Projected Habs 2014/2015 Roster


Max Pacioretty – Alex Galchenyuk –  Nail Yakupov

Evander Kane – Lars Eller – Brendan Gallagher

Michael Bournival – Steve Ott – Louis Leblanc

Brandon Prust – Ryan White – Travis Moen


Alexei Emelin – P.K. Subban

Jarred Tinordi – Nathan Beaulieu

Douglas Murray – Greg Pateryn


Carey Price

Peter Budaj


Most important in all of this is the owner, the general manager and the head coach. Forget everything else and realize what it takes to win. It is about getting the BEST available, not the best french speaking or the biggest “tough guy”.  Will any of this actually ever happen? I guess time will tell, and so far all that time has told Habs fans is that talk is cheap.




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