Time To Own It – 1st Week Of January 2014

So here we are, the new year has begun. As I have mentioned on my previous entry, I will be making changes to my life. I have set a few goals in mind and I want to achieve them. Of course it will take time and if I have learned one thing, it would be this is not a race.

This first week of January started mid-week, so it is a little tricky. However, I did take a few pictures of myself, a before if you will. At this point in time I will not be sharing these photo’s. Reason being I am not comfortable or happy with my appearance. You must understand that these photo’s are of me in just my boxers wink wink ha! But what I will do is take photo’s of me in full exercise attire or even just everyday clothes.

The first plan of attack here is to get a routine going. I am one of those people who take breakfast for granted. Meaning I barely ever have breakfast and let me tell you that is not a good thing. When I do manage to eat breakfast, it is never at the same time as the previous day. With all that being said, I would enjoy having a nice smoothie to start my day because one of the reason’s I do not eat breakfast is because I am never hungry in the morning.

My sleeping pattern is also terrible. Just awful actually. That is another area I need great improvement on. I do think it is related to my overall health, so as you can see this is one big circle.

So here I go, trying to turn over a green leaf, get it? And another thing, this will be a work in progress. Some of you may be able to do things cold turkey and some things I can. Not this though. Not for me that is. One step at a time, build a healthy habit while letting go of my bad habits. So the goal here is to have a smoothie for breakfast at least 5 times a week and slowly go from there.


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