Owning My Life

We are inching closer to 2014 and that means another year has passed. We have loved and lost once again, but that is life. What it also means for me is change. Life is not going my way. Of course each and everyone of you can say the same thing, right? 

Hear me out. I am in terrible physical condition. I mean I haven’t played any sports in over 3 years now. Not because I wanted to stop playing either. My attempts to exercise do not last very long. I have terrible eating habits. My diet really sucks. Love life? Yaaa right! No career either. Sure I work, but that’s all it is. I am being honest here folks. Hope you can appreciate that. 

Back to that new year approaching. It is truly a chance to start fresh. One step at a time, in the right direction. That direction can be any which way, as long as it is a step forward. I am thinking about chronicling my journey, but I am not 100% sure. 

So here I am, sharing my personal thoughts about myself. I make no promises as I am just going to do it. If you aren’t part of the solution, you will not be a part of my change. Time to own my life. BANG! 


One thought on “Owning My Life

  1. Nice! I like it!! I feel the exact same way.Best thing anyone could do is put their best foot forward, you got my vote 😉

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