We Remember

November 11th, 2013

CBC News is on the television, and they are live from Ottawa. Today is not just another day, as much as we all want it to be. It just isn’t. We can discuss and argue why war happens, but that is not the point. Not today it isn’t. 

I must admit I get emotional during Remembrance Day. Although my roots are Italian, I am born and raised in Canada. And let it be known that this is not just a day for Canadians, but for all humans. My grandfather fought in the second world war, and he survived. I wish I had asked about his time there as he has passed many years ago. I cannot pretend to know what each and every person involved in these battles went through. However, I can and will respect the sacrifices they made. 

As Oh Canada is sung, shivers are sent down my body. It really is hard to describe what a day like this truly means. I see the facial expressions on the veterans and I can tell that a day doesn’t go by where they forget those battles. Family and friends lost but not forgotten. 

We complain about our coffee not being hot enough or the bus took too long, but to these veterans this is what makes them smile. They got that cup of coffee and the bus showed up. Athletes are not “warriors” and they aren’t “in a war”, so please refrain from using those words to describe people who have the slightest idea of what war actually is. When you sacrifice, it is a sacrifice for life. Just ask a parent…

On this day we remember everyone who sacrificed their life for someone or something else. May we learn from our mistakes and push forward so that all those who died did so for a reason. 



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