Rant on the “smart” people

It really bothers me that people with an “academic” background or have an “education” think they know EVERYTHING. If in theory it isn’t correct, you’re wrong. They didn’t teach us this, so I don’t believe you. How many times do we hear this crap?

Now, from what I can tell is that people really live in a bubble and refuse to acknowledge anything else. I’m not saying everyone, but it sure feels like every person I run into that has this post-secondary education is this know-it-all head up their ass goof. They spend anywhere from 2-4 or even 6 years locked up in these institutions and pretend they know what the working world is really like. I have news for them, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows pal. 

You are a complete fool if you think College or University gets you a guaranteed job. In fact,  how many people actually get a job in the field they studied for? And how many years after you graduate does it take for you to pay off school? And sorry to burst your bubble, but you simply cannot beat on the job experience. Read all the books you want, take all the written/oral exams there is, but the truth is it won’t prepare you like you think. 

The sad part is when they get out in the real world, they are so lost. Yet they are the first to talk bullshit. I can pick up a book, read it and take notes too you know. It’s called a library. Oh you have a piece of paper that says you completed this program. Well that’s nice, anyone can get a certificate. But it doesn’t count because you didn’t pay thousands of dollars and graduate from this institution. So you will be scoffed at, even though you have the experience they do not… 


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