Thinking Aloud

You know sometimes unfortunate things happen to good people, not to say anyone else truly deserves unfortunate things to happen to them, and it makes me think about this world we live in. 

I know we all must leave this world one day, but why is it that we cannot go on our own terms? This is something I will always think about and question. It truly is not fair to have your life taken away from you by sheer stupidity. What is all this killing really for? Why are there wars still going on? I always thought we were all human, but it seems being a human is no different than being an animal. Through it all, I truly believe the animals have more dignity. That is extremely sad. 

When something unfortunate happens close to home, and I am just being honest here, this is when we all start to pay attention. Why me? How did this happen to us? We are cursed! But the reality is, everyone all over the world suffers from the exact same thing, if not worse. Which does not make matters any better. Perhaps it may open our eyes, or even open just 1 persons eye and that is all it takes. 

It’s the circle of life they say, but why does the circle have to be this way? We should all have control of our destiny. Some of us do and blow this life away for nothing. While many of the people on earth simply do not have that luxury. 

At the end of each day, we must all remain positive and keep pushing forward. Can this world be the utopia it should have been? Only you and I can make that happen, so let the good cancel out the bad. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, for if it did, it would not be worthwhile. So dig deep, remain positive and continue ahead. 


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