Taking Back My Health

So as many of you know I attempted a 30 day detox challenge, and I failed. But I succeeded at the same time. Let me explain how…


First of all, the idea to detox myself was a good idea. There are so many toxins and unused crap in our system, and a flushing isn’t a bad thing. Of course, you have to be careful, or you could potentially harm yourself. I have heard a few people say it isn’t good for you and whatnot, but I disagree. Yes you feel light headed and there is a lack of energy after a few days. Do you know why? It’s because your body is going through a change and the toxins are exiting your body! Well, all that being said, it is very challenging to do a detox. I would say it is more mental strength than anything else. So this is not for the weak minded. Another tip, start off small. 3 days, and go from there. 


Although I failed, I gained so much as well. What many of us do is punish ourselves. Why do we create negative energy? So you wake up one day and want a burger or ice cream. Don’t feel guilty about it, embrace it! Treat yourself, make it positive energy. I am not saying wake up everyday and eat a burger and fries for lunch. Actually, why not? Who says the burger has to be beef? Portobello mushroom works wonders as a substitute. Use leaves from any lettuce as the “bun”. Bake the potato or steam it instead of frying it. 


I can honestly say I learned a bit from this failed challenge. First, do not be afraid to fail. So what you did not succeed the first time? Fail twice, try a third time. Do we not learn when we make mistakes? Secondly, there truly is different solutions for one obstacle. You really don’t have to detox, you can simply take away by addition over a period of time. Add your fresh fruits and vegetables to every meal. You know, the third thing I really learned is time. What I mean is, this is not a race. These “quick fix” diets and go to the gym for a week or month bullshit is a joke. You think the issue is really solved in one week or one month?


So, don’t beat yourself up over a few downfalls. Just get back up! Negative thoughts create negative energy which creates negatives results. Duh! Hey, one bad week won’t be the end of the world folks. There are 52 weeks in a year , 365 days in a year. So take a step back, breathe and regain your focus. Keep positive, and move forward!


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