I Was Thinking…

Twenty-Nine years ago my mother gave birth to me. As I sit here and write this, I wonder about life and myself. Like many of you, I have had my ups and downs. Lately, it seems like a lot more downs. 

A good friend of mine recently tied the knot with his girlfriend of 8 years, and the rocks in my head started to rumble. It is not that I am jealous, for I am very happy for them. Its just seems that everyone I know is taking the next step in life, whether it be getting hitched or moving out on their own. Here I am, not sure what step to take next. I do not even know which direction to start walking! 

I have so many idea’s, and that’s all they ever amount too. Am I scared? Do I lack motivation? I truly believe we all have a purpose on this planet. What is our purpose, only we know when it happens. Here I am, wondering what my purpose is. 

One thing I do have going for me is my honesty. I am always honest with everyone, and it takes guts to share my honest thoughts. However, am I being honest with myself? This is something I will have to figure out.

We all have goals we want to obtain and visions of ourselves succeeding. Question is do we have the courage to try? Or do we let time pass us by and never take that shot? 


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