Are you freaking kidding me??? Is it not enough that we all have to deal with drivers who run stop signs or do that famous rolling stop, but now we have to watch out for bicyclists!

To be frank with all of you, I do not agree with sharing the road. It is very annoying and dangerous to have a bicyclist on the road right beside me. At any time it looks like they are going to fall off and with my luck, I will run them over. For something that I will never agree with, I do not want that on my conscious. 

Let me begin with how literally every bicyclist, when I am driving, NEVER obeys traffic laws. Who the hell do you think you are? Usually, and this is for the many people who can’t read in this province, a big red STOP sign means S T O P. To these “special” people on a bike it means to go right through apparently. 

Also, why do half of the bicyclist seem to never have any protective gear on? Especially if you are running stop signs at will! Are you all superhuman? Accidents happen, so shouldn’t everyone be prepared as best as possible? Of course this isn’t as bad as the people on motorcycles who think shorts and a t-shirt are the only form of clothing. That is a different topic for another day. 

Worst of all, they complain! Is this some sort of joke? There are motorized vehicles, who in my opinion have more rights on the road, and you want to be a hero? You are damn right you deserve a ticket. What makes you above the law? So a vehicle and a bicycle collide, what on earth do you think will happen? Person in the vehicle will be ok, probably pissed off actually. The person on the bike however, may not be feeling much of anything. 

Whether you agree or not, and if you disagree you can kiss my ass, it comes down to safety. I drive and ride a bike. I know what it is like on both sides of the coin. This isn’t just some rant where I am talking a bunch of bull. If people do not have the common sense to obey traffic laws, well you get what you deserve. Sometimes you get what you don’t deserve. I posted 2 links below on cyclists and the city of Toronto. Have a read, and feel free to comment.


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