Hockey Canada Makes A Good Decision

So here is a stat for parents to think about, yes I would say hockey parents especially; According to Hockey Alberta, the study indicated that a ban on checking at the peewee level would prevent 400 concussions and more than 1,000 injuries each year in the province.

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 Alright, what is the issue here? WHY ON EARTH would any parent want their child to sustain such a devastating injury at such a young age? Let us take a look at some of the comments people have made about taking hitting out.

“Why not just redesign the whole hockey structure. Let’s create a game that has rules similar to figure skating. That should be a phenomenal game to watch. Again, over reacting parents being over protective of their children. All of you make me sick.” (Peter in BC)

“Maybe football should get rid of tackling, someone could get hurt! If parents don’t like contact sports, don’t put your kids in them. Don’t ruin things for the rest of us. Hockey Canada would be wise to at least grandfather 2nd year Peewee kids from this new ruling. It is clear they aren’t wise. People on these boards who are making these decisions are out of touch. Win win–nonsense.” (P Brennan)

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“For two reasons. One, this rule is yet another example of how we are becoming more and more of a nanny state, and how our boys are being treated like little porcelain tigers.

Actually, not even tigers. Little Winnie the Poohs.

Second, and the saddest part of all, is this is another Canadian tradition casually being thrown to the wind, because to me, hockey is more than a sport. It’s a Canadian tradition.”

 “finally an adult understands, and is more worried about the game than there sons or daughters getting hurt.

thank you” (Grant McNeil)

I have to say I am getting enraged reading these stupid, moronic, barbaric comments. It’s pathetic to read comments from these people. Half of them cannot spell, which is another topic altogether. Do these people think before they speak? I value another person’s opinion. Everyone thinks different, or has different feelings. This is what makes this world so special. Here is the issue though. These people in sports think they live by different rules. Which is total BS. There are rules to every sport, and should be followed properly. Professional sports are the absolute worst at setting examples, but that does not mean amateur sports should follow. I have played both competitive and in house league levels. As well as at men’s recreational, which is by far the absolute worst when it comes to respect and following rules. I cannot begin to think of anything positive to say about a men’s recreational league because there is always one team that has to ruin it for others, come out to be “macho”. That is ONE team too many! 

Today, May 25, 2013, Hockey Canada made a brave decision and voted to eliminate bodychecking for pee-wee level players. I, who loves a good bodycheck, applaud them for making such a decision. We all should. Sadly, there are too many out there who disagree. Give your head a shake, for you are mistaken. These are 11-12 year old KIDS. KIDS for crying out loud. It should not make a difference though, whether it is kids, teenagers or adults. Hockey is not about injuring your opponent. Hitting isn’t about hurting someone. If you think that, you will get yours. Yes, you cannot avoid injuries altogether, but why would we not limit or try to limit the potential life changing injuries? This is a result of one thing, it is called RESPECT. It starts out in the real world, something we can all improve on. I have seen it and continue to see it at sporting events. What is even more disturbing is I see it at amateur level games. From parents, to coaches and even officials. These are the people who should be showing a positive influence, teaching what respect means. Yet, with all of that being said, teaching how to bodycheck is just as important. This means people with the right attitude and mindset showing younger participants the right thing to do. 

In the end, the most important thing, and I mean MOST important thing is safety. It is not about getting your kid to the next level. No, how can you be thinking about tomorrow if your child gets severely hurt today?  Forget the NHL, not that having a dream or goal is bad, but before all of that, we should all be safe. If you cannot agree, I found this comment to be for someone like you:

“Good. Common sense. Anyone bloodthirsty enough to attack this decision shouldn’t be around kids or our sport.” (Real Canadian)

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