Mother’s Day

Mom, momma, mother, mamma, madre, mere, Mutter, I think you get the idea. Whatever it is you may call her, she is that one special lady in your life. You are not on this planet without her. It’s that simple.

Mother’s Day is a day where we honor mothers and motherhood as well as the influence mothers have had in society. Each and every one of us was born to a mother. Hopefully all my readers had/have a motherly figure in their life. Perhaps it was a grandmother or an aunt. Maybe you were adopted. But, from day one of your life, you came out of your mother.

The bond between a mother and her child is a special one. A bond between mother and son is quite a special bond. She was there to make my lunch. She took care of me when I was sick. Picked up my spirits when I was feeling down. Even came to watch my sporting events. She pushed me to do my homework, I should have listened. And as time goes by, and a boy becomes a man, his attention changes and he begins to notice other women. However, his heart still has a place for the first woman in his life. I would go through hell and back, without hesitation. Mother jokes could be funny, but you won’t know who thought so after waking up a week later. I think my knuckles are still sore.

Of course, do not forget your grandmother or aunt. They too are a special bunch. They gave birth to your parents or cousins. If you are lucky enough like me, they cook for you too. Even bake goodies! I never met my paternal grandmother, my nonna as we say in Italian. She passed before my parents met. I do know she gave birth to my father, and that itself is enough. As for my nonna who is still here with me, I cannot begin to describe what she means to me. I was never a momma’s boy, or a daddy’s boy. I was a grandma’s boy! I would like to take a moment to mention all those that have passed away, especially my two aunts. I hope to see them one day again. And for all of you who have had someone pass away, think of the good times.

A toast to all mothers, because you are truly something special, after months of carrying us in your belly, protecting us for as long as you can. I can never pretend to know what pain and suffering any mother has gone through to bring us in to this world. Take a moment and think about that, pain and suffering to give birth to a child. Who else would go through all of that sacrifice?

Although Mothers Day is once a year, we should all honor our mother(s) every day. Give her a hug; let her know she looks pretty and most importantly, tell her you love her.


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