Peace On Earth?

It is not something I ever wish to write about. I have a feeling many others are writing about it too. Perhaps some chose not to. I respect either way. I have given it a night’s sleep in order to hopefully calm myself. However, you simply cannot replace passion when doing anything in life. I am a bag of mixed emotions; angry, sad, confused, disgusted and mostly disappointed. There are casualties everywhere, in every part of the world every day. You know, when natural disaster strikes or someone passes because of an illness, it is a part of life. Perhaps we as a human race may have a hand in these, but surely not on purpose. However, when a life or several lives are taken by acts of terrorism, it should NOT be a part of life. I can give a damn where you come from, but in my mind someone or a group who attacks people just to kill are terrorists. I am not defending anyone else who takes another human beings life. Did you read that correctly? I said HUMAN BEING. Is that what we are? You have me fooled pretty well then. I see animals. Heck even the animals are probably saying these humans are cracked. Why does it happen? Really, everyone ask yourself. Seriously, how the hell does this happen almost every day? We here in North America do not know what it is like in other parts of the world. I know for a fact many of you do not give a damn about other countries. “Hope they kill each other”, “Not my problem”. I wish I could slap each person who thinks like that. Truth is, it is everyone’s problem. What can we do about it? I do not have the answer, but I can be a part of the solution. Communication is very important. Do we do enough of it? Can we as a society change the way we think and operate? There is no doubt in my mind we can. Just because it does not happen close to home that often, does not mean we should not be aware. You and I can make this world we live in a much better place. So many lives are taken each day, and for what? Is each and every one of us doing enough? We all make mistakes. Everyone has wished ill will to someone, but did we really mean it? When someone attacks us, do we ask why did this person do or say this? I can admit to blowing a gasket on several occasions. I know I could have handled it a lot better. All I can say is this way is not working. Change is needed. Where is the peace and good will on this planet we call Earth?  This is a special world we live in, at least it can be. Why can we not all get along and enjoy it as human beings?




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