Lent is over!

Well I did it. Almost. I caved in when I had a cigar. For the record, it was a Cohiba. The pop was easy. I really can never have pop again. I probably will, but never over do it. Cold cuts were tough. Believe me, I was tested throughout. Italian family without cold cuts? I prevailed though. Fast food, pfft. I did not miss it one bit. I can’t say if I will ever have it again! The tricky one was processed food. Was this ever eye opening. I have a strong belief that we in Canada and America eat too much processed crap. Half the food I eat apparently is processed. Extremely unhealthy. This will lead me to another blog soon. I will admit I missed my cafe. Espresso to be precise. Pretty sure I am having one today, possibly two! Lent is over, but that does not mean I will just drop some good things I picked up during this time. Changes have already been made. Living a longer, healthier and happy life are important. If you fail once, just get up and start again. You have goals, set out to accomplish them. Everything is possible.


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