When Did Hockey Leave?

#hockeyisback… Did I miss something? When did hockey come to a halt? American Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League… What seems to be the common theme? HOCKEY!


Anyone who calls themselves a hockey fan, is a fan of junior hockey. Simple as that. Memorial Cup and the World Junior Hockey Championship provide the most exciting hockey, period. You get to see the stars of tomorrow in two prestigious tournaments. This is some of the most wide open hockey you will see. Bone crushing hits, creative plays, amazing goals and spectacular goaltending. If you are lucky enough to witness your country win that  world junior title, the feeling is incredible!


I have to admit, I started to pay more attention to college and university hockey more during this NHL work stoppage. Had no idea what I was missing. The skill level is a lot better than anyone thinks. I have yet to experience an NCAA game, but the crowds are insane! The CHL isn’t the only path to a career in hockey.


Tracing back to 1936, when the Canadian-American Hockey League and the International Hockey League merge to form the IAHL. In 1940 the “I” would be dropped and be known as the American Hockey League. Future Hall of Famers Eddie Shore, Terry Sawchuk and Johnny Bower all had Calder Cup glory, no laughing matter. Quebec becomes the first Canadian-based team in 1959. Love him or hate him, Don Cherry was a Calder Cup winner too!

Hockey has always been here. Regardless of where it is played, whom is playing and what is at stake. Hockey has never left!



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